Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

Man Using Blood Sugar Meter

Every diabetic should monitor their condition. They need to have a kit for testing their blood sugar. There are many diabetics who receive diabetic test strips in the mail of a variety of test strips brands. When the diabetic chooses her best, then the other boxes are simply abandoned and not used. If you keep on receiving these strips by mail, then soon you will have a growing collection of unused test strips in your home which you will not use and need to be gotten rid of. Most of the time, diabetics throw their extra unused test strips in the garbage.

Diabetic test strips are not cheap items. And there are many low income diabetics who are not able to buy these strips despite their need for it. These people are provided by organizations with their necessary supplies and you can also help these less fortunate people needing your extra unused diabetic test strips. If you have boxes of test strips that are unopened and unexpired, then you can sell them for cash instead of throwing them in the garbage. Here’s a good read about sell your test strips, check it out!

The reason why diabetics keep extra supplies in their home is so that they will not run low on supply. However, after a while, the collection of test strips is more than what they really need. If you are someone who receive these boxes of branded test strips regularly, then you will soon find yourself having a large collection of boxes of unused test strips. There are many reasons why some people have a lot of extra unused boxes of test strips. You may not be testing as often as you did before. Or, you may have changed the brand of your test strips so you don’t use those of other brands but were sent to you. If you needed it when you were pregnant, and you no longer need it today then you will surely have extra unused boxes. If you diabetic loved one has died and you are left with all the unused boxes of test strips. These are just some of the situations why people find themselves with many extra boxes of unused test strips. If you sell these extra test strips, then you can get cash for it. To gather more awesome ideas on sell diabetic test strips,  click here to get started.

It is legal to sell test strips. Even without a prescription, test strips can be bought by anyone. If you bought the test strip for yourself then you are also free to sell them. Even if you box says not for resale you can set it because this means that you cannot sell them through a retailer.

You should also remember that there are popular brands and others are not. You cannot sell boxes provided by Medicare, and you cannot sell expired, damaged, or those that have broken seals. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.


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